Fabric Description

COTTON Polos consist of Double Mercerised, Performance Cottons and Flex Sport garments.
Double Mercerised polos are a sophisticated look that balance style, fashion and comfort. These 100% Egyptian Cotton polos have a superior soft handle and rape.The smooth and lustrous feel of the fabric is achieved by using 60s two-ply extra-fine yarns, twisted together and mercerised. The yarn is then knitted into fabric and then mercerised again, creating a beautiful sheen and quality feel.

Performance Cottons polos are crafted from the finest quality cotton fibres for lasting comfort and performance by allowing a high level of breathability, a soft hand feel along with anti-static and hypo-allergenic properties. The classic fabrication has been enhanced with anti-shrink and anti-fade technology to ensure the garment remains looking new for an extended period of time.

Flex Sport garments have been designed to combine luxurious natural cotton with comfort enhancing stretch.
These garments provide freedom of movement allowing a greater range of flexibility. The polos and trousers have high quality stretch and recovery properties providing maximum comfort and easy care.

COTTON BLEND polos are made from quality fabric that is affordable, lightweight, comfortable and durable. The Cotton Blends range is available in a wide variety of fabric textures and colours.

PERFORMANCE polos consist of Dri-Sporte, Dri-Sporte Stretch and Sportec garments.
Dri-Sporte polos, with Advanced Moisture Wicking Technology, have been specially developed to perform in the hottest of climates. These high performance fabrications draw perspiration away from the body for rapid evaporation providing a cooling effect helping you to maintain a lower body temperature. They keep you drier and more comfortable compared to traditional fabrics.

Sportec garments have been developed using an innovative moisture management treatment.
The moisture wicking fabric ensures perspiration is drawn away from the body for rapid evaporation, keeping the body dry and at a balanced temperature with the benefits of anti-static, super soft feel and drape plus sun protection.